IRS updates business travel per-diem rates

The IRS issued its annual update Friday of special per-diem rates for substantiating ordinary and necessary business expenses incurred while traveling away from home (Notice 2021-52). The new rates are in effect from Oct. 1, 2021, to Sept. 30, 2022. Specifically, they are the special per-diem rates, including the transportation industry meal and incidental expenses [...]

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AT LEAST THREE major banks have decided to opt out of a new process for getting Paycheck Protection Program loans forgiven directly by the Small Business Administration, The Intercept has learned, leaving their small business customers with no other recourse if the banks refuse to forgive loans or drag out the process. Bank of America, JPMorgan [...]

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Companies are already pushing their return-to-office dates to 2022—why some experts say it’s a ‘smart approach’

Concerns over the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases due to the highly contagious delta variant are sending corporate return-to-work policies askew. In the last few weeks, a handful of the most influential tech companies in the U.S., including Google and Apple, delayed their return dates from September to October. On Wednesday, Lyft CEO Logan Green announced it will push its September [...]

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Employers are getting more desperate to fill jobs

Workers are still stalling the job search, and employers — from health care providers to trucking companies — are getting desperate. Staggering stat: The share of job postings that use words like "hiring urgently" has spiked over 50% since the start of 2021, according to data from the jobs site Indeed. There are certain industries in which [...]

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SBA may be dropping PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire requirement

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) said that the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is in the process of removing the requirement that Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) borrowers submit a Loan Necessity Questionnaire when applying for forgiveness on loans of $2 million or more. A lender notice from an SBA district office also indicates [...]

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Telework Burnout and Zoom Fatigue: Much More Complicated Than They Appear

Have you or your employees been experiencing work-from-home burnout and Zoom fatigue these past many months? Do you encounter this burnout regardless of the supposed benefit of working remotely and utilizing videoconferences for meetings? It's unfortunate that the huge bulk of efforts to address WFH burnout is focused on attempting to treat the symptoms without attending to the root causes, which originate [...]

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ABA’s Martini Calls for Transparency, Clarity around PPP

American Bankers Association VP Dan Martini today participated in an American Institute of Certified Public Accountants webinar on Thursday with thousands of CPAs interested in the Paycheck Protection Program on the line. Among other things, Martini discussed the latest round of PPP funding and a letter that ABA sent to the Small Business Administration on Monday flagging [...]

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PPP application forms released

The US Small Business Administration and Treasury released borrower loan application forms Friday night for the rebooted Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which will launch Monday, initially for select lenders and borrowers before a broader opening takes place a few days later The forms are Form 2483 – Paycheck Protection Program Borrower Application Form and Form 2483-SD – PPP Second Draw [...]

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Pandemic teleworking causes state tax withholding issues

A half-century ago, tax withholding was one of the simpler issues for taxpayers and practitioners. A more mobile society makes state tax withholding more complicated today given the ease of conducting cross-jurisdictional business and the increase in teleworking or remote work arrangements. Meanwhile, the web of inconsistent state and local income tax and withholding rules [...]

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